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The Trail History and Civics for Class 8 ICSE Answers

Trail History Civics   Focus on History Civics 


Theme 1: A Period of Transition

1. The Beginning of the Modern World

Theme 2: The Growth of Nationalism

2. The industrial Revolution and the Rise of Imperialism
3. The Age of Revolution
4. The American Civil War

Theme 3: India in the 18th Century

5. Decline of the Mughal Empire
6. Rise of Independent Regional Powers

Theme 4: Traders to Rulers

7. Rise of British Power in Bengal
8. Expansion of British Power in India

Theme 5: British Policies and Impact

9. British Policies and Their Impacts

Theme 6: The Great Uprising of 1857

10. The Revolt of 1857

Theme 7: Socio-Religious Reforms

11. Indian Renaissance — Social and Religious Reformers in India

Theme 8: India’s Struggle for Freedom

12. Rise of Indian Nationalism
13. The Indian National Movement (1885-1916)
14. The Indian National Movement (1917-1934)
15. The Indian National Movement (1935-47)


Theme 1: Three Main Organs of The Indian Government: Legislature, Executive and Judiciary

16.The Union Legislature
17. The Union Executive
18. The Judiciary

Theme 2: United Nations

19. The United Nations
20. Specialized Agencies of the UN

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