The Trail History and Civics for Class 7 ICSE Solutions

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Theme 1 : Medieval Europe : Rise and Spread of Christianity

1. Rise of Christianity
2. Spread of Christianity

Theme 2 : Rise and Spread of Islam

3. Birth of Prophet Muhammad and Spread of Islam

Theme 3 : The Delhi Sultanate

4. The Turkish invasion and the establishment of the Delhi Sultanate
5. Expansion of the Delhi Sultanate : The Khilji and the Tughiaq Dynasties
6. Life under the Delhi Sultanate

Theme 4 : The Vijayanagar and Bahmani Kingdoms

7. Rise of the Vijayanagar and Bahmani Kingdoms

Theme 5 : The Mughal Empire

8. Babur, Humayun and Sher Shah
9. Akbar
10. Jahangir Shah Jahan, Aurangzeb

Theme 6 : Making of a Composite Culture

11. Bhakti and Sufi Movements


Theme 1 : The Constitution of India

12. The Constitution and the Preamble

Theme 2 : Directive Principles of State Policy

13. Directive Principles of State Policy

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