ICSE Solutions for Class 9 History and Civics

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Class 9 History and Civics ICSE Solutions


  1. The Harappan Civilization
  2. Early Vedic Civilization
  3. The Later Vedic Age
  4. India in the 6th Century BC: Rise of Jainism and Buddhism
  5. The Mauryan Empire
  6. The Sangam Age: Kingdoms and The Social and Economic Conditions
  7. The Age of the Guptas
  8. South India and the Cholas
  9. The Delhi Sultanate
  10. The Mughal Empire
  11. The Composite Culture: Bhakti Movement, Sufism and Influence of Christianity on Indian Society
  12. The Renaissance
  13. The Reformation
  14. Industrial Revolution and Capitalism and Socialism


  1. Our Constitution and Its Preamble
  2. Fundamental Rights, Fundamental Duties and Directive Principles of State Policy
  3. Elections and the Election Commission
  4. Local Self-Government: Rural Local Institutions
  5. Local Self-Government: Urban Local Institutions
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