Frank ICSE Solutions for Class 9 Biology – Structure and Function of Skin


Solution 1:
(a) Stratum corneum, transitional region, stratum germinativum
(b) Stratum germinativum
(c) Stratum corneum
(d) Dermis
(e) Sweat gland / sudoriferous gland
(f) Milk glands/ mammary glands
(g) Wax gland
(h) Epidermis
(i) Melanin

Solution 2:
(a) soles
(b) epidermis and dermis
(c) stratum corneum
(d) keratin
(e) mesoderm
(f) loose connective tissue
(g) sweat gland

Solution 3:
(a) True
(b) True
(c) True
(d) True
(e) False
(f) False

Solution 4:
(i) (a) stratum Malpighi
(ii) (d) palm
(iii) (b) stratum corneum
(iv) (b) dermis
(v) (b) dermis
(vi) (a) sweat gland
(vii) (c) constrict and the sweat glands are inactive


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